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With Nouvatan you can enjoy a natural looking golden tan without subjecting your skin to harmful UV rays.

Nouvatan has been developed using active organic ingredients and is enriched with Vitamins A, B5 & E.

Nouvatan contains no alcohol or parabens. It is not tested on animals.

Individual Spray Tan  

Full body                                                           £22.00

1/2 Body                                                           £17.00

3+ people at one appointment                         £18 per person

Before your Tanning Session

  • Shower and exfoliate your body (using a mitt, loofa or similar as some exfoliating creams contain moisturiser)
  • Avoid heavy moisturising shower gels
  • Do not apply moisturisers, deoderants, oil based products or perfume,
  • Remove any make up.
  • Wax/shave at least 24 hours before your session
  • Wear loose dark clothing and open shoes
  • Avoid silk, wool & leather garments as tan will not wash out of these materials

The Session

  • Wear suitable swimwear or underwear to create desired result
  • If using underwear ensure it is black as tan does not wash out of elastic/lace
  • You will be dry to dress straight after, however avoid putting bra back on if topless tanning
  • Do not touch skin whilst developing to avoid tanned fingers.

After care

  • Shower 6-8 hours after treatment
  • Pat dry with towel. Do not rub
  • Avoid water on skin, wilst tan is developing, especially rain
  • Avoid heavy exercise or any perspiration during development
  • Use a non-oil based moisturiser after tan

Ensure all tan is exfoliated off before next session